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Sup3r-2 60 Caps ( Holy Cow This Looks Amazing - Pheraplex!)

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Sup3r-2 by Olympus Labs

Kick your bulk into high gear!

You already know that progress in the gym takes a long time, but what if you could step on the gas pedal for a bit? 

5-10 lbs of mass gains in a month? It’s possible.

Adding 20-50 lbs in strength gains to major your lifts? That’s possible too.

It’s all possible when you kick your bulk into high gear with Sup3r-2!

Okay, putting all hype aside, the reason it is all possible is because Sup3r-2 contains a special compound called Delta-2.

What’s special about this compound is that it is a prohormone that converts to a non-methylated (liver friendly) version of one of the most popular bulking compounds ever, Pheraplex (now banned).

To add to that, research shows that 200-400 mg a day of Delta-2 is a solid dose, Olympus Labs gives you 500 mg a day with Sup3r-2!

More strength, new mass gains, increased muscle hardness, more endurance, it’s all possible for you with the support of Sup3r-2!

Make it possible! Get Sup3r-2 Now!

 Benefits of Sup3r-2:

  - Helps Build Muscle Mass*

  - Helps Improve Muscle Endurance*

  - Zero Estrogen Conversion*

  - Helps Increase Strength*

  - Helps Accelerate Speed of Recovery*

  - Helps Increase Muscle Hardness*

  - Helps Increase Muscle Pumps*

  - Helps Improve Mood*

  - Helps Reduce Body Fat*

  - Helps Prevent Muscle Loss (When Cutting)*

  - Helps Increase Protein Synthesis 

Key Ingredient of Sup3r-2: 

Delta-2: Also known as 2-Andro is a naturally occurring human metabolite of DHEA, as well as a human pheromone due to being an Androsterone metabolite found on the human skin. It is also a naturally occurring pheromone in elephants and boars, and can be found in commonly eaten animal/game meats. Since this compound is already ingested in the human diet and is a metabolite of a pre-existing supplement, it meets the requirements of DSHEA compliance. Structurally, this compound is a unmethylated version of Pheraplex. Previous logs of 2-Andro suggest the compounds effects are similar to Boldenone and Boldione.

Although not common, possible side effects are increased blood pressure (on cycle support highly suggested), and much less common is a slight increase in water retention. If you want to ensure that you don’t increase your water retention, stack with an estrogen blocker like Formastane V3.

How To Cycle Sup3r-2:

The Essentials:

Minimum Cycle Length: 4 weeks

Maximum Cycle Length: 8 weeks (2 bottles)

Optimal Daily Dose: 500mg (2 caps a day with food)

Test Base: Yes, use Dermacrine

On Cycle Support: Yes for blood pressure support, Ar1mcare Pro is suggested

Post Cycle: Yes, use Sup3r PCT

Stacking (Only for very experienced users):

Bulking: Stack with Legend

Recomp: Stack with VarPro or Su3r-11