Sticking To Your Diet Through The Holidays

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Sticking To Your Diet Through The Holidays

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Sticking To Your Diet Through The Holidays

During the holiday season, it can seem nearly impossible to stick to your diet. After all, it's not that often that you are able to eat stuffing to the point of unbuttoning the top of your pants. However, for those of us that have set concise goals, that may or may not have been met yet, it is important to find ways to get through the holiday season without doing too much damage.

There are several different strategies that you can take, depending on the type of diet that you are following. It's no secret that there are many different ways to lose weight, and what works for your cousin or gym partner may not work for you. Find the strategy from this article that works best for your current diet and follow it to make it through your family dinner.

Build a Caloric Deficit

If you know you are going to eat more than you should, it makes sense to ensure that you have the caloric deficit available to facilitate it. There are two distinct ways this can be achieved, either fasting prior to a large meal or training extra to allow a little more room for gorging. Regardless of which of these methods you take, just ensure that you still adhere to those deficits or train after the food coma subsides to keep your diet on track.

Bring Alternatives

It's amazing how many copy-cat recipes have been adapted for your favorite high-carb foods. If you are on a low carb or keto diet, it is important to bring your own alternatives to ensure you can easily stick to your diet without worrying about the guilt of eating carbs or breaking your ketosis. For example, if you want mashed potatoes, try mashed cauliflower with gravy! Just be cautious of hidden sugars.

IIFYM, Eat It!

IIFYM, or If It Fits Your Macros, is a flexible diet plan that allows you to eat whatever foods you want as long as it meets your macronutrient requirements. Given the widespread of food that is available during the holidays, it is likely that you can create the perfect plate that is portioned correctly to fit your required macros. Just ensure you don't overdo it to stay on track.